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How to signup FREE ID and start play games.

1) Signup ID is simple and free, 1st go to top right (PC browser) Signup menu


Or in mobile browser, look for menu and select 'Register' menu

2) Fill in the registration form with Name, Login Username, Password and Email then click SAVE.

3) Successful register account :

4) You will received a verification email to activate your newly create ID, check your email for the verification link, click the link to verified your email and registration. (Please make sure your provide the correct working EMAIL or you will unable to verified the registration, if you did not found the verification email in your inbox you may check the SPAM folder see if there, do remember mark our system email as NOT SPAM, TQ).

Click on the link or copy-paste the link to verify your account:

5) That all ! your free ID created and you may proceed to login, click Login menu to login.

(You are HIGHLY ENCOURAGE to enable 2FA secure login, check this  Account security setup)

 Video Tutorial:

Play DEMO slot games

You can trial our DEMO slot games for free before play real. click Demo and enjoy.

DEMO is free trial, our system will random generate game ID with 2000 credit for you to try most our slot games, all setting in DEMO is same with real games.

2000 credit free trail and you can click EXIT game to return to lobby.


We provide the most excited slot games online

You can contact us via :

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  • Whatsapp
  • Wechat
  • Live Chat

Or you can submit your support ticket for fast respond.

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Security is our 1st priority, we provide world class login security with Two-factor authentication (2FA), you can select EMAIL or authenticator app such as Time-based One Time Passwords (OTP) compatible with Google Authenticator, Authy, 1Password, YubiKey Authenticator and compatible apps or BOTH together to secure your login.

You are HIGHLY RECOMENT to enable either one method to secure your login.

Our system will prompt when you 1st login to your account:

1) Authentication via Email Code - Select '+ Add a new Code by Email'

Check your Email (email that you use for registration) for authentication codes, key in the 6 digit Code send by our system via email.

Then key in this code and follow next screen

Done! Next or every time login our system will send you new authentication codes via email, you need this Code to secure login to our system.

You may check the backup code, these backup code is for emergency access if you unable to get the code with your email.

1.1) Now try login after setup email authentication code, after key in your username and password the system will prompt for Two Step Verification, check your email for the code


Video Tutorial:

2) Authentication via authentication app OTP - Select '+ Add new Authentication App'

Now launch your Authenticator App (such as Google Authenticator), scan the QRCode and key in the 6 digit Code.

You can download Google Authenticator app here.

Video Tutorial:

3) You may set this secure login later if you want, by select to right 2FA (after logon).

4) Follow step 1 OR step 2 to activate 2FA.

Done! Next or every time login you are require new Authenticator Code to login.

No Account yet  ?  check How to signup

Play real slot games

Login to your account and click  Play Slot Games at main menu to play with real credit.

You will need to topup your account before you can play your bet. Topup your account here  Deposit, we support most local bank transfer and Bitcoin.

Enjoy !!

How to deposit or top-up account

Add bank to profile

Before you can make your 1st deposit you NEED TO ADD YOUR BANK TO YOUR PROFILE, proceed to add your bank here Profile (login required), you can find the user Profile menu at top right in PC browser.

Click on it then select 'My Banks' to add your bank, depends on site currency you are registered, we support most of the local banks for online transfer. Check  Supported Banks

You can add multiple banks to your profile, this bank is for deposit and withdraw purposed.

Add another bank by click icon, after add click 'SAVE', you are done add banks to your profile.


Deposit or Top-up account

Proceed to Deposit, select game you would like to top-up, select amount and payment method, we support payment method via online transfer(instant update credit), ATM cash deposit (this method will take about 2-5 minutes to process and update credit, as we process manually and may not available for some currency) or Bitcoin.

Deposit via online transfer

We support most of the local banks for online bank transfer, and we use 3rd party payment gateway to process the payment. Select game, amount payment method and bank then click 'SAVE and VIEW'

Check the order detail and click 'Confirm Deposit' to redirect to your online bank.


Final confirm the deposit by click 'OK' and you can login to your online bank to complete the payment.

Once payment done and our system will received confirmation form your bank to process the order accordingly.

Tutorial Video:

ATM Cash deposit

You may not have this ATM cash deposit option, is depends on currency. Similar with online bank transfer, select ATM transfer on deposit order form, then click 'SAVE and View'


You are required to upload the transfer slip after you complete the ATM deposit, we will manually verified the payment and process your order accordingly, this process usually take 3-5 minutes, once confirmed we will update your game account and you will receive email notice.

Tutorial Video:

Deposit via Bitcoin

We support deposit or top-up game account via Bitcoin (BTC), similar with other payment method, select 'Bitcoin' as payment method then click 'SAVE'

Check order detail and click 'Confirm Pay'

And double check order detail, our system will convert BTC to site currency automatic, click 'Confirm Pay'

The system will redirect you to Bitcoin payment page.

Scan the QR code with your BTC wallet or you can copy the payment BTC address by click COPY

Select and highlight the address and paste it to your Bitcoin wallet send address, and you may copy the BTC amount and paste it to send amount. Please note that you have to make FULL PAYMENT and complete in 15 minutes or your order will not complete, and Bitcoin invoice will expired in 15 minutes if you not complete it in time.

You may check your order list here My Order and make payment for the unpaid invoice.

Tutorial Video:

How to withdraw

You can withdraw the game credit to your bank account, minimum withdraw amount apply depends on site and currency, kindly check terms for detail.

You can withdraw all or part of the game credit or you can transfer your credit to other user with P2P Transfer.

Make sure you not over withdraw the amount exceed the credit available in your game ID, check your game credit balance here Games Balance.

Click Withdraw to proceed

Click Save or Submit to check the withdraw detail

You can check the withdrawal status at My Order

That's all, depends on site and currency, the withdrawal process usually complete instantly mean you will see the withdraw amount credit to your selected bank account. Some currency we will perform withdrawal manually and this manual process usually take 2-5 minutes.

Check back My Order for the withdrawal status.

Withdraw via Bank Transfer Tutorial Video:

Withdraw via Bitcoin Tutorial Video:


P2P transfer

You can transfer your game credit to your friend via P2P Transfer, FREE and simple to transfer to your friends with just email address.

Please make sure you have sufficient game credit to perform P2P transfer, check your game balance here Games Balance

Now go to P2P Transfer, make sure your friend have account with us or you can invite them Signup free account, and make sure you have your friend EMAIL address, select the amount you wish to transfer and YOUR FRIEND'S EMAILL address. Our system support game to game transfer if available for your currency.

Transfer detail will show once you click 'Save'

You can check P2P Transfer status here My Order with filter order type to 'Transfer'



Game credit ratio is vary depends on game, please consider this ration when you perform credit transfer. Refer below list for detail:

  • Dafabet Slots = 1BTC=100,000 credits OR  (1 credit = 0.00001 BTC)
  • Pragmatic Slots = 1BTC=1,000,000 credits OR (1 credit = 0.000001 BTC)
  • Pragmatic Live Games = 1BTC=1,000,000 credits OR (1 credit = 0.000001 BTC)
  • DT Slots = 1BTC=100,000 credits OR (1 credit = 0.00001 BTC)

Deposit limit per order

Minimum 50 credits 

Maximum 30,000  credits

(default ratio 1:0.00001, for pragmatic game will auto convert to 1:0.000001)


Withdrawal limit per order

Minimum 50 credits 

Maximum 30,000  credits

(default ratio 1:0.00001, for pragmatic game will auto convert to 1:0.000001)




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